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The Loro Borici School is a football school for young talents in a suburb of Tirana, Albania. It is the last school in Albania to be run by the state since the end of communism. The privatization of sports and the lack of football pitches, especially in urban areas like Tirana, are both consequences of the transition to capitalism. Instead of focusing on training talents, many schools aim to generate as much capital as possible with the expensive fees. As a result, football also becomes a source of social exclusion. Against this background, the Loro Borici School appears to be the last resort for the dreams of those boys who have no chance for an elite education.

Due to my documentary project, I had the opportunity to follow the daily life of the boys in this last public football school. The high school not only prepares its students for final exams but also provides them accommodation to live on the campus during the academic year. The school day consists of daily training sessions on the football field and lessons related to their matriculation standard.

Contrary to all other football schools, this school is only about the young athletes' achievements and not about the financial circumstances of their families.

„We want to play for a national team. It‘s our big dream“ - Tomas, student of Loro Borici School

For many of the students, the Loro Borici School is the hope of realizing their dreams and one day playing for Europe’s top teams.

Tirana, Albania 2021