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Munich, Germany  

Instagram: @janaislinger

I’m a portrait and documentary photographer based in Munich.
My photographic work mainly deals with socially relevant topics and social issues. People in their environment and the question of identity are at the center of my work. Currently, my research focuses on the consequences of the transformation of post-socialist countries in Eastern Europe.

Awards & Publications
2023 Süddeutsche Zeitung, Buch Zwei - Droa
2023 Der Greif, Artist Feature - Droa
2023 Woo, Interview - Droa
2023 LensCulture Portrait Award, Finalist - Droa
2022 Bavarian Press Photography Award - Droa  
2022 Photoworks, The Graduate Issue - Droa

2022 11 Freunde, Photo essay - Loro Borici 

2022 German Youth Photo Award - Loro Borici 


12.05 - 13.07.2023 Galerie nEuropa, Dresden - Portraits Hellerau Photography Awards - Droa

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