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Between bringing up a child and becoming an adult yourself. 
Between dependence on support and the desire to live independently.

Many single mothers who have had a child at a very young age are in this situation. How can you suddenly care for another person who needs your full attention and affection when you don‘t really know where you are standing in your own life. The experiences you have not yet had, the limits that have not yet been tested and the desire to go your own way without considering others. Is all of this still possible if you suddenly no longer only care for yourself but also have a child by your side? In my project I have accompanied young mothers who have to deal with these thoughts and questions. They have to fight with prejudices, often stand alone and had to grow up very quickly. Despite all of this, the bond between a mother and her child is unique.

Germany, 2020 

Corinna is 20 when she realises that she is pregnant. The relationship between the much older father and her is very difficult. The father comes from the hooligan scene and is currently in a psychiatric clinic. She can‘t count on any support from his side after the breakup. Corinna‘s mother, a wealthy women, lives close to Lake Constance. Since both parents are from India, traditions are still important. An illegitimate child is a disgrace for the family, so Corinna‘s mother had broken off any contact for a very long time. Corinna‘s father is no longer alive. So the young mother is completely on her own and is dependent on state support. To take up work to earn some money doesn’t go along with having the young, now 2 1/2 years old, Noah. Corinna is a trained foreign language correspondent and would like to study to become an interpreter. However, the school costs money and is a full-time course of study. To put her son in daycare all day, is not an option for her. She is very affectionate with Noah and tries to offer him a good foundation for his life. With this she regularly reaches her own limits.

Sophie became pregnant at 19. The father of the child comes from South Africa. In the third month of pregnancy the father was expelled. Sophie first lived with her mother, who then evicted her. After being homeless for a short time, she was taken into a child protection institution and has been living in a council flat with her now 6-year-old son Deandre for 2 years. She is currently attending a design school, where she studies to become a communication designer. The government support enables her to attend school, live free of charge and to put her son in daycare, so that she can complete her education. At the moment, there is no possibility to let the father of the child re-enter the country. He is facing a prison sentence for fare evasion, which was also the reason for his deportation. In public she often has to deal with racist statements against her son, but also with prejudices against herself because of her age.