Two brothers married two sisters. One couple had four children and lived with them in Landau. The other couple, who lived in Eichendorf, had three children. After the early, tragic death of one of the parents, the four orphaned children from Landau were adopted by the remaining parents. Thus all, seven children grew up together in Eichendorf in well-off circumstances. One of the sisters died a few years ago, another sister lives in America.

The work shows the remaining five siblings in their most personal environment at home. Even after all these years, the impact of fate still affects their present and the mental effects of an experience that could never be properly processed, can be seen in the children of the deceased parents.

"No one ever talked to us about the death of our parents and even though, I was the oldest, I have no memories of my parents at all."

"The family has simply become bigger"

"It did not affect me directly, as I was attending
a boarding school at that time.

"I was very small at that time and I don't know if my memories of my
parents' death correspond to reality or if I got them from stories.
Reality and memory have become intermingled."

"The accident of my parents was terrible. When we moved to our aunt and uncle, I just wanted to grieve and cry. Nevertheless, they did everything for us. It was a big task to accommodate four children"